Recognize the Causes of Uterus Retroflection and How to Overcome It

Uterine retroflexion or often also called an inverted uterus. Uterine retroflection is the condition of the uterus in a straight back position, facing the anus or spine. Most women have the uterus facing forward (anteflection) or toward the stomach and it is located above the bladder. Many women do not realize that they experience uterine retroflection because this condition generally does not cause symptoms. However, uterine retroflection is known to be associated with several other conditions that can cause complaints or disturbing symptoms. Then you should immediately consult a doctor if you feel some symptoms such as: The spine and vagina are painful when having sex. Frequent urination and bladder feels depressed. Pelvic pain during menstruation. Having a urinary tract infection. Difficult to use tampons. Because, you might experience a condition that indicates or underlies the occurrence of uterine retroflexion. Causes of Uterine Retroflection Uterine retroflection ca
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